Shazza offers the highest rates of any platform for file hosting, with our exclusive invite only foundation we hand pick only the best users to monetize. Provided your website does not violate any form of terms of service issues your payments will be sent out every Thursday, staring concurrently the week after your initial sign up. Violating our terms of service will result in your account being permanently banned without warning, your payments will not be released.

Uploading files you don't own the rights too is strictly prohibited, uploading files which contain pornographic content of any varient is also not allowed. We pride our selves on maintaining a clean enviroment for our advertisers, obeying the copyright laws in the process. Our advanced algorithms weed out the automated clicks, if your account is banned by the Shazza Bot there will be no appealing, no recreating accounts, your files will entirely be removed from our platform without warning.

Tier Views Amount
Tier 1 1000 UV $37.00
Tier 2 1000 UV $22.19
Tier 3 1000 UV $15.38
Tier 4 1000 UV $11.38

Minimum payout is $1.00, paid via PayPal, BTC, ETH, LTC, Monero, XRP, TRON, or any crypto of your choosing. The payments are set on an automated processing wheel and will be processed every Thursday, at 24:00. Provided your payment was not recieved, you can appeal it accordingly using our content form.